Summer Infant - My Size Potty Train & Transition (White) - 40% OFF!!

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BBSM11686 / 012914116869

The Summer™ My Size® Potty Train & Transition is your solution to potty training!

Help your little one transition from My Size to real size with this 2-in-1 potty training system.

My Size® Potty Train & Transition looks and feels just like an adult toilet, making it the perfect tool for fast and effective potty training. The removable, soft foam potty topper can be placed onto the adult toilet for a smooth transition. Features include realistic design and flush sound, soft foam potty topper with storage hook, full-size wipe compartment, removable bowl, and integrated splash guard.

• Realistic design looks like an adult toilet
• Interactive handle features a flush sound that sounds like the real thing
• Removable soft foam potty topper
• Potty topper hook included for easy storage on your adult toilet
• Built-in full-size wipe compartment
• Flip-up lid and removable easy-clean bowl with integrated pour spout
• Integrated splash guard

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